Millions of New Records on Family Search has added millions of new records to its collections this past week. Included are 2 million Catholic records from Baden, Germany. Other records include those from: Argentina, Benin, Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, England, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Ukraine, United States and Venezuela

Thomas MacEntee has posted as list of the new records at Abundant Genealogy with click-through links to

Battlefield/War History Tours for Canadians

Would you believe there is a tour company that specializes in war tours just for Canadians? Would you believe there are several? Who knew! These companies offer various services from helping you plan your route for a self-guided tour all the way through to fully guided packages including transportation and accommodation.

Canadian War History Tours

Canadian War History Tours are designed with the life-long learner in mind. If you’re not one to lounge by a pool for days (although that has its place), but enjoy learning — delving into histories and mysteries, these tours may be for you. You will walk where they walked. You will get a genuine sense of what it was like. You’ll learn through the diaries and stories of Canadian soldiers who went though it. Tours and costs are flexible, usually 5 to 7 days.

Norm Christie’s Battlefield Tours

Norm Christie’s Battlefield Tours are personalized journeys to the old Canadian Battlefield’s of the First and Second World Wars. They are more of a Pilgrimage than a tour, as Norm, using his expertise, adds and alters each tour to accommodate the personal interests of each Pilgrim. The focus is on remembering and honouring the sacrifice and courage of Canadians who earned tremendous respect and a reputation for efficiency and victory. This tour is restricted to 25 persons maximum. Itineraries include the Canadian battlefields of Ypres, Passchendaele, Mount Sorrel, Vimy Ridge, Arras, Cambrai, The Somme, Breskens Pocket, Channel Wall, Normandy and the D-Day Landing Zones, Falaise, with visits to the special war museums; and as always, shrapnel balling! Tours are made up of Canadians from across the country and are usually 50% women.

Liberation Tours

Liberation Tours is an all-Canadian company offering premium, guided coach tours to the battlefields of Western Europe including France, Belgium, Holland, Italy and more. You'll stay in quality hotels, fly with quality airlines, experience wonderful food and wine, all while visiting the historic Canadian battlefields where our soldiers left their mark of service and sacrifice in the cause of freedom. ​You will benefit from benefit from the most in-depth personalized military briefings available with a crew of historians who have almost a century of research, writing and touring behind them.

Canadian Battlefield Tours

Canadian Battlefield Tours specializes in the Canadian actions in WW1 and the Canadian and British actions in WW2. The company’s aim is to provide a unique experience while in Europe. Tours are private, custom tours designed to be intimate and personal. They are available on a first come first serve basis to anyone and will especially appeal to relatives of Canadian front-line soldiers. Groups are restricted to 1-4 people.

Spirit of Remembrance

Spirit of Remembrance ('Spirit') is a unique specialist battlefield and remembrance travel and tour company specifically created from the founders vision to bring together a highly experienced team of professionals with extensive backgrounds in both travel and tourism and military history. All clients funds are also fully financially protected through our membership of the Travel Trust Association.

And if that isn’t enough, in addition to these specialized companies, most large tour providers offer military/war-themed itineraries. 

Photo of Tyne Cot Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery and Memorial from 

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